Uncharted - The Hunt for all the Shinies

Pre-Session 17: A Couple of Weeks

Dekgrad leaves the party

A couple of weeks. A handful of days. That was the short amount of time their dwarven companion had been by their side.

In that sliver of time they had managed to do so much together. They had risked their lives and saved others. Two towns were now liberated because of their collected efforts. They were making the world a better place.

A heavy sense of duty and blossoming guilt weighed down the cleric of Sharindlar more than his armor ever could.

“I have a confession to make,” he had said. And he had come clean to his new companions. He didn’t have to but that ultimately is the kind of man was.

He had unknowingly tried to parlay with devils. This has not worked in his favour, it was never going to work in his favour, and yet he still blamed himself. Simply for failing to find a better way. One without bloodshed.

“I feel I need to find myself. I want to be on a ship again.”

And with so few words, they parted ways. So focused was he that he didn’t notice the fog receding before him, recoiling actively from the stout form of Dekgrad.

So focused, he didn’t notice just how much he had accomplished. His hands were dyed in blood, and not from killing, but from healing. Repairing. Fixing. Each action was not only tempering his own devotion but also, in small ways, healing the wariness and conceit in his new companions. He had given a platform for kindness that may have been trampled out by stronger personalities or, worse still, necessity.

In such small ways he had made them all much better people.

It hadn’t occurred to him that many only lived because he did what he thought was right and never asked for anything in return.

And so, with each step, Dekgrad continued with his celestial companion towards the Shimmering Gates. This city, corrupt as any other, still filled him with possibility and hope. Wherever he travelled, unknown to himself perhaps, he healed.

For Sharindlar, that was enough to bestow her favor.

And for Dekgrad, the promise of the open seas was enough.

That, and he knew he needed a good, strong, Dwarven ale.

This is a little something I wrote to commemorate the time Dekgrad and Lawrence spent with us. Not sure what he thinks of this piece so it may, or may not, end up staying on here. Either way, thanks for being awesome and helping to keep everyone alive.



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